Under the title Members only, you will find a worldwide art history course with 40 explanatory videos with digital avatars, 40 lessons with extensive texts, and over 1000 images of artworks. All art movements are discussed and illustrated with images, so you can expand your knowledge of art history.
Our stories about art, art movements, and art history aim to introduce as many people as possible around the world to art or to expand their knowledge of art history.
We want you to feel, just as we do, the wonder and emotion as well. That may very well be the essence of art. Artworks are objects made by and for people. Perhaps you will feel that special connection with the creation of an artist somewhere in the world.


The author

As a travel book author, thriller writer, and director of online travel agencies and resorts, I visited many countries and hundreds of museums. I described all these museums in the many travel handbooks and guides that are part of the Elmar travel handbooks series and the Dominicus travel guides published in Belgium and the Netherlands. Traveling through our world, you continually discover images that speak to you. It is an overwhelming procession of emotions and impressions often found in art and paintings.

That is why I wanted to gain more knowledge about the history of art. I noticed that art history courses are expensive. I thought this could be different. After all, art is for all of us! This led to the creation of this website and the art history course. We started in the Netherlands by offering our course for free, but the costs for technology, servers, artificial intelligence, and maintenance became too high. Therefore, we now charge a reasonable price for our services, which we offer worldwide through our website ArtHyp.com.
Over the years, we have collected a lot of art. My wife Cora and I offer part of this art collection in the Gooise Galerie, generating some income for our activities. 
We will make the website available in even more languages, so that the art history course becomes accessible to even more people for the cheapest price possible.

Ronnie Rokebrand

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