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The artistic expressions of a specific period also reflect the society of that time. Art movements either flowed with the rhythm of the contemporary social reality or opposed it. There were also artists who worked entirely authentically from their own imagination, without considering social or art historical developments. However, everyone is partly shaped by the environment in which they live and the society in which they grow up. This applies to artists as well. Therefore, I have placed the art movements in their social perspective. This influenced my choices of which artworks to feature on this website. In each chapter, I show artworks, craft products, buildings, or images that depict the period in which the artists lived. These artists were particularly capable of interpreting their surrounding society through their artworks.

In this way, this course not only explains how art history progressed but also places it in a historical context, aiming to better understand the artists who lived in a certain period. Nevertheless, this overview of general art history is nothing more than a retrospective and an overview of the artists and artworks from human history, with an emphasis on visual arts and architecture. Other applied arts are also covered, such as photography, calligraphy, graphic design, goldsmithing, textiles, and crafts. The art world, however, is broader. Consider music, theater, film, and literature, which are either not or much less addressed in this book. Undoubtedly, an observant scholar will point out omissions in the content. Additionally, they might question what I consider more or less important on this website. I have tried to be objective, but inherent to writing is that much is colored by my personal experiences.

I hope you can enjoy these texts that do not pretend to be critical, but primarily aim to inform you broadly about the history of art in the world in which we live.

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