Your Art History Course

Art, art history, and art movements are concepts that encompass a world of human emotions and stories. Art is as richly varied as life itself. However, there is a common foundation for all these different forms of artistic expression: art is a means of communication between the artist and the viewer. It exists because people have the unique ability to convey their imagination to others, which sets us apart in the animal kingdom.

On this website, I discuss art to show how artists work and the context in which they do so, aiming to make the art world more understandable. However, there are limits to this explanation. If you describe in detail what an artist wants to convey with his or her artwork, you stifle their voice. The artist communicates with you through the artwork. It is better not to intervene as a narrator. Appreciating art remains a personal affair. That said, the story behind an artwork can enhance the pleasure you derive from it. Hence, my attempt to translate old and new art into comprehensible words on this website, making art accessible and understandable for everyone.

I especially hope that you enjoy expanding your knowledge of art history, the many fascinating art movements, the beautiful images of the featured artworks, and the emotions these artworks evoke in you.

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